The colour revolution

When we designed the Bombata we wanted to create a product that would innovate and play down the usual professional PC bags, which are often too serious and without personality. So we dyed the bags with cheerful and fun colours, keeping the quality of the details and finishes high. The colorful revolution of professional bags had begun!

The signature curved design

The leitmotif of all our collections is a recurring "curved" form with rounded corners, in the shape of a laptop. This silhouette is incorporated in different sized bags, in soft and rigid backpacks and in accessories that are pleasant to touch and carry around. Every Bombata item is immediately recognizable by its shape.

Meticulous attention to detail

We use the best design tools to perfect our products in every detail, from the finishings to the shoulder straps: our rigid backpack, for example, is the result of a thorough 3D design that evokes the shape of our bags.